Stucco Restoration

Stucco Restoration:

TANGENT CONSTRUCTION SERVICES has been on the leading edge of stucco remediation since the problem was discovered. We have worked continuously with engineering firms and consultants to facilitate the establishment and refinement of the current protocols for proper and efficient remediation. It is through this expertise that we have discovered an alarming trend: there are an enormous amount of homes with faulty stucco, sometimes caused by construction defects. Due to improper installation, the lathe (wire grid) that was meant to support and anchor stucco to plywood walls is not installed to code, leading to flexing and cracking of the material. This, in turn, is inviting water intrusion, which is compounding the problem by worsening the condition of the stucco and potentially damaging the interior structure of the home.

What does faulty stucco look like? Sometimes a few hard-to-spot hairline cracks are the only symptom of a malignant problem off to a slow start. Sometimes it’s obvious, with the stucco sheets bulging and buckling as delamination occurs at an exponential rate. Also, stucco that is cracked in a way which may resemble a road map is an indicator of an issue that may run much deeper than a few tubes of caulk will ever be able to fix.

Tangent’s experience in stucco renders us uniquely qualified to diagnose and remediate faulty stucco. Our crews work tirelessly to expertly complete projects to code and on schedule, and our project managers go out of their way to ensure that communication is maintained through all stages of the project, making sure that all questions and concerns are addressed.

If you believe you may have faulty stucco, have questions about the nature of the problem, or are curious about the process for restoring your home to like-new condition, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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