Water Instrusions

Water Instrusion:

When one or more of the waterproofing seals on your home is compromised, the results are easy to predict. Moisture wastes no time making its way into dark and unventilated areas of your home, damaging structural and superficial features alike, and fostering an ideal environment for mold to grow unchecked. Even the smallest of hairline cracks in your stucco can invite a steady trickle of water that reoccurs with every rainfall, creating a cumulative effect that quickly adds up over time. With each day that passes, the need for remediation grows more urgent.

Water intrusion commonly causes damage to drywall, baseboard and electrical fixtures. This requires replacement of not just the affected materials, but almost always goes hand in hand with the treatment of mold growths which pose a potential hazard to your health. On the second floor of most homes, the repercussions of ignoring water intrusion are much more serious: being composed of wooden framework, exposure to water can (and will) rot the supportive structure, which, when ignored and allowed to worsen, can be a legitimate threat to the safety of all occupants.

Tangent has responded to, and successfully remediated, well over a thousand residential homes. We will perform forensic inspections of the intrusion, remove and replace damaged material, expertly treat mold growths, and restore the integrity of your home’s waterproofing measures. All phases are handled in-house by experienced craftsmen, guaranteeing not just professional results, but also unprecedented levels of accountability and clear channels of communication (no more wrestling with three or more sub-contractors with differing schedules and quality standards). Tangent understands that you live in a home, not a construction site, and we make every effort to finish all tasks on your home as soon after initiation as possible, with no compromises made to the quality of our work.

Whether you have clear signs of, or are simply concerned about the potential for, water intrusion in your home, Tangent is your safest bet for having your problems solved correctly in a timely fashion, the first time. If you would like to talk to one of our experts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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